Labyrinths from Glen and Rebecca

I was delighted to hear from Glen Robinson, Graphic Design lecturer at the University of Lincoln, about the labyrinths he and his friends have been building. Glen has kindly provided this link to more pictures on Flickr and the text below.
[nggallery id=11]

“The artists collaboration GRRR and any friends they can talk into helping have been quietly building labyrinths in the sand on Lincolnshire beaches and in fields of snow for a couple of years now.‘We feel the process of making a labyrinth is an expression of coalescence with nature, to attain coherence with our surroundings and resonate with an ancient symbol. The ephemeral quality of using materials or building in environments where nature will “take back” is an interesting process for artists to explore and working in public often creates an opportunity to discuss the symbol’s design and origin with passers by, who are encouraged to walk the path, although the labyrinths we build are primarily for personal reflection and relaxation; a token of the unbounded potential of everything”.

GRRR – Glen & Rebecca